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I Had Been Waiting for the Big Dance for Years

I first starting hearing about junior and senior prom when I was in middle school. I started imagining the way my own prom might be. I began looking through teen magazines to check out the best dresses, shoes, hairstyles, etc. I also decided that I wanted to get a Platinum Toronto party bus to take me and my friends to the big event. I made sure to talk about it often with my friends to try to keep them excited and interested in doing it with me once we reached high school.

Leaving middle school was not scary for me at all. Many of my friends were scared about it. I told them that we would have so much more took forward to during our freshman year. Sure, we would be meeting new people and going to a whole new building each day for classes, but we also needed to remember that we would easily meet people there, just like we had for the past two years. I reminded them that there would be more fun things to do like many more types of clubs to join.

When I was asked out to prom, I was happy to learn that all my girlfriends were asked to go, too. This is when I put my plan into place and told them all to pitch in $20 each so that we could rent a party bus. Everyone was for it. I think arriving in style was so much more fun than each of us needing to crowd into our parent’s cars. I can’t speak for eveyrone else, but I know my parent’s vehicle is not a very good one! It breaks down often, and that is not how I wanted to arrive to the biggest dance of the year with my date. I didn’t have to thanks to the rental we all got together.